We’ve all spent money on external hard drives, DVD’s, and various other storage devices in an attempt to backup our important information. (You DO back up, don’t you???) And we’ve all spent cash on various software applications that will automatically back up our data, preserve full and partial archives, alert us to errors when backing up, etc. And we’ve all spent those boring hours dragging and dropping files from one location to another and watching them copy to a duplicate location.

Time consuming. And not really inexpensive.

And now, with the price of online backup options become more prevalent, many of those older methods start to seem a bit dated. I admit, I get a bit nervous about relying soley on an online site for storing my important documents and the thousands of digital photos I’ve collected over the years. But I have slowly begun to use online services for bits and pieces of my data…even if I’m also backing up to an external drive on my desk.

So how do you choose? The options are growing quickly and the prices are dropping. There really seems to be no excuse for not incorporating online services as at least a part of your security plan. And the best simple chart I’ve seen that compares the features of many of the online backup services can be found on Wikipedia. There is also a nice listing of storage locations with their free options and their paid storage options at tomuse.com.