We’ve been known to take a virtual field trip or two in our school. We ceratinly can’t afford to go on all the real field trips we want and some are prohibitively far away. But the virtual kind are free and very close at hand. However, it isn’t always easy to find just the right one.

Well, this one web site might be the answer when it comes to museums. The Museum of Online Museums is a one-stop site to find links to some of the best art museums and galleries in the world. The links and collections are updated on a regular basis. And the site has been featured on NPR, in Time magazine, and in the New York Times. I didn’t stop to count just how many museums and galleries are listed…but I don’t think you’ll run out of places to visit anytime soon.

When possible, I love to give a shout out to people who share these great resources with me. In this case, this link was shared by Kathy Schrock, who never fails to have great resources.