Why CREC gets so freaked…

And why we don’t use PC’s.

Even though most of our agency still relies on PC’s with Windows as an operating system, we steadfastly cling to our Macs. Partly because we love them. Partly because they are easy to use. And partly because, while they cost a bit more up front, the real operating cost over the years is much lower. Various studies have documented that fact.

And what is one key part of that operating cost? Protection from viruses, malware, etc, etc. The PC network folks are always worried about viruses, buying software to protect themselves from viruses, and spending costly staff time trying to locate and eliminate viruses.

And here is a story of one school district where one tiny virus made a huge difference. Check it at at The Washinton Post.

Switch to Windows? No thanks, we’ll stick with our Macs!

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