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We all remember those lovely math flashcards our teachers used when we were kids. Maybe they still use them! However, my kids think about something completely different when I mention flashcards. Their experience at school and at home has been with online flashcards. And I have to agree, they are superior. You can create and modify a set of flashcards quickly and easily. You can share your deck of cards with others….and use their decks so you don’t even have to make your own. And often the software has other tools to help you learn what you need to know.

I’ve taken a look at some of the flashcard sites out there…and here are my five favorites….

Study Stack has a library of almost a million flashcards on hundreds of topics. You can find a stack and start studying. Or, you can find a stack and change it for your own needs…or create your own from scratch. And you have more than just flashcards. Study Stack will use each deck and allow you to review them as flash cards, play Hangman with them, do a crossword, an unscramble, and more.

Next up is cramberry. Again, you’ll find thousands of sets already made or you can create your own. And cramberry will create a study schedule for you by tracking your correct answers and guiding you toward the things you need to study more. You can also take the cards with you – either by printing and cutting them out, or by using the new iPhone app to work with your cards on your iPhone or your iPod Touch.

Third on the list is Flashcard Machine. With over 18 million cards on their site, you’ve got plenty to work with. Of course, you can always create your own. And Flashcard Machine has the option to use your cards in your iPod. But this site has a special enhancement for teachers. You can create pages for each of your classes so you can easily sort and manage cards appropriate for each of your classes.

Memorize is a somewhat unique site. It offers flashcards in their custom memorize format. You can choose between flashcard mode, matching mode, or multiple choice mode. You guess the answer in your head and then tell the site if you were right or wrong when given the correct answer. You also have options to memorize graphics such as maps and to memorize in paragraph format. When you finish, the site will send you an e-mail when you specify to prompt you to return and practice again.

Last up is CoboCards. This site allows you to create flashcards, just like the others. But it gives you more flexibility to upload graphics to your cards, use a formula writer, and to compare your current cards with previous versions of the same card. CoboCards is also unique in that you can create a deck of cards with a friend…you working from your computer and your friend working from theirs. This shared deck is created by both and studied by both. And CoboCards tracks your progress and your friend’s progress.

So whether you are a teacher making cards for your students, a student studying for a test, a professional preparing for an exam or licensing test, or just someone who really wants to learn more….these flashcard sites offer plenty of options for you!

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  1. I love the ability to use the flashcards on the iPod Touch. My students days are so packed with activities that they need to be able to practice on the go. This is a great way to practice in those extra minutes…they add up!

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